Start Your Construction Project Properly

Start Your Construction Project Properly

Work with a talented foundation contractor in Hansen, ID

If you're doing work on your home or business, you need a strong foundation to hold up the rest of the structure. For something this important, you want to make sure it's built to the highest standards. Concrete Settling Solutions LLC is a leading foundation contractor serving the whole Hansen, ID area. We pour all our expertise into every structure we build.


The crew at Concrete Settling Solutions can make repairs to your foundation. Call (208) 404-6716 now to reach a talented foundation contractor.

What is concrete raising?

Are you concerned that your concrete slab is sinking? This can happen even if the slab was installed incorrectly due to many factors such as weight, weather, water and ice exposure and compaction. The concrete experts at Concrete Settling Solutions are trained concrete raising, also known as slab-jacking, but also in foundation raising. The process for these techniques can involve:


  • Drilling strategically placed holes into the slab (1-1 & ½ inch)
  • Using the hydraulic pump and hoses to fill the holes with a special mix known as “slurry”.
  • Pressurizing the mix to raise the slab giving fill, compaction and lift all at once.
  • Patching all the surface holes and cracks upon completion of raising to required levels.
  • Installation of foundational piers that give the foundation or structure lift or firm foundational structure.

Do not ignore a sinking foundation for one more day, they are one of the top problems most homeowners have with home inspectors and can be very costly if not addressed sooner rather than later. Invest in foundation raising from our top-notch team based in Hansen, ID and serving surrounding areas such as Twin Falls.